NPW2020_Silver Finish waterproof nameplate for home


Basic Nameplate

Base: Silver, Letters: Black, Orange

Dimensions: (Approximate)
Height: 8 Inch
Width: 12 Inch

Make:Laser Cut

Font: Matura MT Script Capitals, Samarkan

Material: ACP, Acrylic

Customization Feasibility: Yes (Please write the customization you are looking for in Customization text box)

Regional Fonts:
Please upload your name file written in required font in pdf or jpeg format.

Cleaning Instructions: Use moist/dry cloth.

Caution: Don’t use chemicals to clean.

Hanging: Wall mountable with 4 caps

Please See: Though we ensure that the finished name plate is identical to the one displayed, there could be a possibility of a slight difference as each one is handmade and exclusively unique.


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